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We breed Irish Setters

I was fortunate to have my first dog bred by the wonderful Mr & Mrs J Smith ( Reddins ) renowned in the judging and showing world, a beautiful bitch , Reddins Gemma (Purdy). This was the start of my affair with the Irish. She came into our life at a particularly sad time for our family and I attribute her to mending my heart ! Stunning in looks with gentle affectionate temperament and a healthy dose of cheekiness  she fitted into our family perfectly . As time has gone on  and whilst I still believe her to be perfect  what is now clear  is that her nature, noble look,  glossy seductive coat, boundless enthusiasm,kindness and trust around humans and other animals  is all very much in the Irish Setter  DNA and qualities that we take for granted in the Breed Standard.


It's all in the name .. Blaithin.

When we felt the time was right we got to thinking about an affix . We wanted to capture the Irish heritage and decided upon 'Blaithin' the gaelic word for flowering .. pronounced 'blawheen'. Purdy had her first litter in May 2015, the pups sired by Reddins Louis (above) another of the Smith's dogs . The handsome Louis , with a striking pedigree and from a long line of champions  was a perfect match . 


Meet the family

We were blessed with 6 gorgeous pups, we registed them with the KC as old fashioned sweet names , photos in the gallery . Then took on the most important part of the whole experience , finding the perfect homes .Delighted to say that I am still in touch with the owners and it is a pleasure to be updated with how they are progressing in the show ring and as pets .  

In 2017  we mated  Poppy , one of the puppies we kept from Purdy's litter ( Strawberry Cream). More photos in the gallery. We breed to improve and enhance what we have , aiming specifically for temperament and looks .